Barhopping Singalong

Just know, that while celebrating my friend’s birthday in Pelourinho, we were verbally ambushed by some Brazilians who wanted to speak to us. One of them was very drunk! He asked us how we liked Brazil in English and we would respond in Portuguese. After we replied saying that yes, ‘We really like Brazil’ he slurred, ‘Why not, “Moro num país tropical, abençoado por Deus, E bonito por natureza” (I live in a tropical country, blessed by God, and beautiful with nature)
I immediately replied, “mas que beleza!” (but how beautiful!)
It’s the lyrics to “Pais, Tropical” by Jorge Ben Jor, a samba artist that I’ve adored for some time. If you see the playlist on the right, he sorta dominates it. Love him!


Seeing that I knew the song, the man continued, “Em feveiro” “Feveiro!” “Tem carnaval!” “Tem carnaval!”
“Tenho um fusca e um violão, Sou Flamengo, Tenho uma nêga, Chamada Tereza! Sambaby, Sambaby, Sou um menino de mentalidade mediana” “Pois e!”
And with that, we pretty much sang/spoke the entire song with me acting as his legendary backup singers. Gotta love Brazil. 
Three more days.


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