After Seeing Balé Folclórico…

I have come to the conclusion that my Orisha is probably not Oshun.
You see, there was an opening dance in which

Oxalá introduces all of the Orishas into the world, and each dancer comes out in the persona and style of their Orisha. Oshun danced very daintily, concerned with her mirror, concerned with her footsteps. She seemed very thoughtful, but not very… free?

But when Iansã took the floor, she came out swinging, dancing, jumping, shimmying, working it! She took the whole stage by storm, going up to the male Orishas and having them either get out the way, or in the case of Ogun, finding a mate to dance with her. (My mind instantly went to a quote from Sex and the City, “Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed, maybe they need someone to run wild with them.” -I’m such a girl, I know!) Watching Iansã go mad all over the stage with energy, and then going up to Oshun and showing off her hips made me realize, I am definitely not Oshun!
So sadly, this means my theme song, “E Menina” by Gilberto Gil, is probably not the song to play on my wedding day.
Maybe this is,

More on Bale Folclorico later, like the amazingly talented and beautiful male dancers, the fire dancer, the berimbau player, and more. I just wanted to share this revelation with you all tonight while it was on my mind. You see, I had really committed to the idea of Oshun, buying yellow and blue beads to wear and all. Red’s a color I never wear, you see, so I was comfy with Oshun. But nah, after seeing Oshun dance, so constrained and petite, I realize, I’ve got it all wrong.
*Okay, I’m making light of it, but Candomble is pretty heavy with Orishas, so you can’t really say ‘this is my Orisha’ or not, someone else, most likely, ‘The Mother of Saints’ does it for you. She reads you and your personality. For me, that day’s most likely not gonna happen, so I’ll do it myself!


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