Today we went to the Bahia x Flamengo soccer match. Being that Bahia is my first Brazilian home, and it’s welcomed me with open arms (and compliments like, ‘you look Bahian’), I’m naturally a fan of Bahia.

 Funny thing here, this jersey is marked No. 8, Gabriel. Who cares if Gabriel is No.21? You get what you pay for!

Besides, it’s colors are the same as the US flag. What’s there not to love?
The stadium had seating for the Flamengo fans, way over in the corner. It was soon packed with black and red. One of my friends, pictured above with his tongue sticking out, arrived in a Flamengo jersey. He was promptly told to take it off before getting out of the car, and later prohibited from taking it into the arena. Our program coordinators later said that jersey was ripped in half before being thrown away in the trash.
Soccer is a serious thing here.
The stadium soon became packed with fans before the game went on,

 and then came the cheers and jeers,

This video is from Youtube (my camera died before I could get the video), but it’s one of the many cheers that fans perform during the game. We got the hang of some of them, one I already knew because my Portuguese professor taught it to us the Thursday before.

Note: When rooting for Bahia during this song, and most other songs, you don’t say ‘bah-hee-ah’, you say, ‘Bah-ay-ah’. Why? I don’t know, but that’s how it is. If you wanna fit in, you better say it right!
But alas, we lost to Flamengo. They won by penalty kick, and we scored one last goal in the last minute, but the refs wrote it off to a foul.
is what I found myself shouting at the top of my lungs during the game. Being a soccer fan is exhausting, with the hand clapping and the shouting. I swear I learned more Brazilian curse words today than I’ll ever hear in typical life!
So now that the game is over and I’m recouperating, I’m wondering where to put my new Esporte Clube Bahia flag in my room? I think I’ll curl up in it to sleep, or hang it over my bed?

Oh, PS.
Here’s the açaí we went to get today, ma. I got the juice, my friend Cody got the açaí /mango bowl. I now know, that I do not like açaí in fact. It reminds me of…. cooked berries? I can’t articulate it well, but I sipped the drink imagining it was strawberry-banana. It didn’t make me enjoy it any more!

Cody seemed to like it though.

Mk, that’s all. Time for sleep. Estou com sonho.
Boa noite!


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