Yesterday, my friend Sachiko and I headed to the beach. We were reminded that we had yet to take any beach photos- you know, photos of yourself at the beach doing… beachy things? We decided to make today the day, and headed to a lil’ rocky spot to take pictures.

I don’t know if you can tell from the pics, but the rocks were understandably, covered in snails, clams, and moss. After realizing this, Sachiko was grossed out, so we went to the less rocky side of the beach and relaxed a bit more.
Afterwards, we returned home, ate, and then went out to Teatro Castro Alves to see Rosa Passos in concert.
If you’re unfamiliar with her, you’re not alone! Sachiko is more versed in her, and Rosa Passos is one of the main reasons she fell in love with Brazil as a child in Hawaii. How perfect was it that when she was in Brazil, Rosa would be making her return to Bahia in over five years? Too perfect!

The show was much more jazzy than I expected, hence the title of this blog post, Jazza Nova. She performed Bossa Nova and Samba with an overarching jazz sound. Her opening act, Marcela Bellas, was adorable! In her baby doll dress and high top sneakers, she led her band into sounds from reggae, ska, funk, samba, and bossa nova. It was a fun ride, and her voice, quirky. Here’s an example,

During this song, she would change the rhythm by ending the song, pausing, and beginning again. The crowd clapped almost every time she did it, and was taken off guard every time she began again, this time, with a new sound. After taking us through about five changes in tempo and beat, she ended the song, then motioned for us to clap. Good times.

Alrighty everybody, I’ve got an açaí ice cream place to check out before I go to the Flamengo vs Bahia soccer game. Being that Bahia is my first home in Brazil, they of course, have my allegiance as my favorite team. I’ll be wearing my red, white and blue today!


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