Today we learned how to samba.
I didn’t take any pictures because, you know…
I forgot to bring my camera.
But anyway, our professor came a long way from the interior of Bahia to teach us. She was a fit, older lady who really had some moves. We stretched and practiced a variety of moves to make us limber, then we danced Forro, a type of dance and music I spoke about earlier. We then moved into a circle, called Roda, and danced samba. Unlike Forro, you can dance samba alone, and so we did. It was the most I’ve sweated in some time, and my body is sure to be aching tomorrow, but I’m glad I did it. I’ve been wanting to samba for some time now (in Portuguese, samba is a verb, so you can samba, you can also dance samba). I’m gonna seek more classes out for the rest of my stay here, I loved it that much.
In honor of today’s fun, I’m going to post a video of samba dancers (samba is more present in Rio de Janeiro, while forro is a Bahia thing mostly), a video of forro, and one of Brazil’s most famous samba songs.


This film is 8 minutes, but it’s competition footage, so there’s about two girls a minute.
My host mother just mentioned something I forgot, we learned Bahian samba, it’s a little more calm and less showy. The video above is mostly how the Cariocas, or people from Rio de Janeiro, do samba. A lot more movement and lot more skin!


Keep in mind where their legs are, in most instances when forro isn’t that fast, couples get a lot more intimate!
Lastly, one of my favorite samba songs, and one of the most famous, Jorge Ben Jor’s “Mas Que Nada”


Happy Samba-ing!


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