So while at the beach today, my friend’s host mother calls her and I answer the phone. She tells me that Geraldo Azevedo has returned to Salvador to give us a full show! I get super excited and tell her I’m willing to go. I mean, how often is it that you can see one of your favorite Brazilian artist while you’re in town for a month?
Not very often.
So I go home, shower and change, then go out for a night at Jardim dos Namorados, the Garden of Lovers/Couples, it translates widely.
But yeah, the moment we arrive, we realize he’s already performing. The venue is packed.

By the time we even get near to the sound of his voice, he begins performing a sped up version of “A Que Saudade D’oce“, one of my favorites from him, and I figure, “Well, at least he played that. How often is it that you get to hear songs by your favorite Brazilian artist while you’re in his native country for a month?”
Not often.
And so, we danced through a set by Saia Rodada,

They play forro, a type of music common in the northeast of Brazil, where I’m at. Bahian men are very forward, and will simply grab your hand to pull you to dance with them. Bahians dance… very intimately when it comes to forro, so I decline (I don’t want my dad to come and beat them up, it’s for their own safety I decline). If the right guy comes around, I’ll be sure to give forro a try.



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