Não Posso Comer Tapioca

I wanna tell you about Candomble. But I can’t.
I wanna tell you about class today and the sights we saw. But I can’t.
No, I’m currently recuperating from a stomach ache that’s followed me since this morning, and it’s all because of tapioca.
Breakfast here is light, so on the way to class today, I figured I’d stop by a local vendor who was selling tapioca and get a hot cup. So I’d feel more full, I suppose.
Bad idea.
Turns out, tapioca’s heavy and hard to digest.
Wish somebody woulda told me.
Everytime I close my eyes I see that yellowish gook and I just wanna hurl.
So while at every event, everyone was enjoying meals and laughing and having a good time, I was silently suffering from the most deadliest fun wrecker. Tapioca.
So I arrived back home not too long ago, at some potato bread, drank some water. I’m gonna go to bed to wake up early to go to Praia do Forte, to do more sightseeing.
I haven’t written in my journal in two days!
I need to rest.
Boa noite.


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