Pequena ou Grande? (Big or small)

As I’ve said earlier, in Brazil, certain items are much smaller than in America.

Here are three items are smaller than a gallon of milk in the states. The far left is a pitcher of strawberry juice, suco de morango, minha mãe made. That’s me, holding a cup that’s about as wide as the base of a normal American cup, and as tall as my wrist to thumb. To the right of that is a carton of milk, very thin, very short, and next to that is a carton of orange juice, suco de laranja, which is also pretty thin compared to your average Tropicana. I find myself being very conscious of how much I drink (because even by average person standards, I drink A LOT) because if I fill one cup, and come back for another, there won’t be left for anyone else!

 Today, I learned some exceptions.

Minha mãe arrived home and began cutting up leftover chicken to make salada. The results were quite awesome and delicious. 

She then suggested that I add some uvas to the mix, and then I saw these…

 For a size comparison, minha mãe Walda demonstrates,

Essentially, these grapes are easily the size of two or three combined grapes. The likes of which, I have rarely seen in America, if at all. Their addition to the salada was welcomed, and it was delish.
So remember, even though the bananas may be small (but plentiful), and the grapes fat (and delicious), try not to drink all of the suco, be considerate.

It’s the fourth! It’s funny because this is the second fourth of july I’ve had to spend outside of America, and it’s giving me saudades for fireworks, hot dogs, heat, friends and family. Here in Brazil, the moment I open my mouth to speak, they know I’m American (before I open my mouth, they assume Brazilian or African).
I wore my red, white and blue today, and when I passed some students at the university I attend began to sing the national anthem. They know it, word for word, and initially I was embarrassed thinking, “Oh no, they outed me!” But then I realized, ‘Heck yes!’ Being American makes me proud, and especially being an American abroad, I’m representing the best of what my country has to contribute to the world, an offer of understanding, the willingness to learn, and an appreciation of what’s around me, and an idea of what isn’t. I’m here to learn, and I’ll be coming back home soon. So for meu pais patria, this one’s for you.
Happy Birthday, USA. Happy Fourth of July!


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