I didn’t tell you about the entirety of Pelorinho because it was a tour, but I was requested by my mother to highlight the photos I took that were the location for Michael Jackson’s video, “They Don’t Care About Us”.

Here you go, ma.

 The Olodum band accompanied Jackson throughout the city of Pelorinho, and I really want an Olodum shirt. After class I think I’ll go and get twenty of them. They’re known for their African influenced military beat. The souvenir shops directly in this square have his picture in his Olodum shirt out front, as well as the song playing on repeat all the time!

Note the closeup of the three key players in Brazilian history, the indigenous people, the enslaved Africans, and the Portuguese. They’re often depicted all over the city of Salvador. 

Yesterday we went back to Pelorinho to celebrate the Independence Day of Bahia from Portugal. It’s a very politicized event, so we saw every single political party in Salvador, from the truck driving party to the communist party. I didn’t bring my camera for fear of robbery (a real, justified fear! but in this instance, there was nothing but good vibes abound and no one was preoccupied with robbery!), but other students did. I’ll take their pics and show them later from the parade. One of the cutest things I saw that correlates with what I talked about earlier, the three influences of Brazil, were these children depicting Indigenous Brazilians, complete with chanting and dancing; children depicting African capoeira dancers and Candomble; and children prepared for the Olympics and the World Cup. Super cute.
Did I mention that during the parade, a man smelled my hair? Another woman said I look Bahian, and pulled me into the parade to show her friends and take a picture? It was probably because I stuck the flag of Salvador in my hair. That happened.
A lotta people assume I’m Bahian, something I don’t mind as it means that I’m blending in a lot better than I expected, except for that time that woman laughed at me for speaking English… But other than that, it’s a good thing.
We lastly made plans to go to the beach yesterday afternoon, but took so long arriving , it was sundown by the time we made it. I did go in the water (I earned it at that point) but I did find something worth photographing,

Muito legal, ne?


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