First thing’s first, a few (not so witty) observations,

  • I love sorvete amendoim. Peanut butter ice cream. I like Peanut butter, a lot, but I find myself having crises of the mind when it comes to buying ice cream. I love chocomenta…. oh wait, is that amendoim? Oh crap.
  • There are a lotta sleeping stray dogs in Brazil. 
I mean, I know they wake up, but I often see more sleeping than I do awake. The stray dog situation is similar to the stray cat situation in Japan, it’s just… there, and no one seems to mind ‘cept tourists and new people. If anything, I saw a man offer a banana to a stray dog so… maybe they operate on a different diet.
  • I eat a lotta bread here in Brazil. For someone who lives and dies for Hawaiian rolls and other sweet breads, it’s heaven. For my thighs and belly, it’s the lowest circle of hell.
  • I drink a lot. Here in Brazil, I haven’t seen a giant jug of tea or orange juice like I would in America. As a result, I’ve become super mindful of how much suco, juice, I’ve been drinking… I drink a LOT. I hate to be the one who’s drank all of the juice, so I alternate between juice and water. The water just makes me sad I don’t have my Arizona green teas… my lifeblood.
  • I buy the worst souvenirs for myself. I’ve been trying to be more thoughtful about my souvenirs, but often times, when I see a clay piggy, I have to go for it. I hope Thiago, my piggy’s name, makes it back home safely!
  •  The view from home is amazing.


  •  I look super fly in my romper.


Just kidding, Pelorinho is beautiful.

  •  This church is ridiculously ornate.


The whole time I sat there looking around me, I began to feel even more uncomfortable. It’s ridiculous how… ridiculously ornate that church is! Gold, gold everywhere! I can’t imagine going to that church, praying, listening to the sermon, participating…. in a room like that without being completely distracted. Every time my eye caught a gleam of gold, I would probably lose my mind.
It was just… too much! My mind completely shut down. It sorta reminded me of a Buddhist temple/pyramid in south east asia, in which the lower levels of the pyramid show different scenes of the wrong path. From drinking, to mindless sex, to gluttony and selfishness. The concept was similar here, in which the outer areas show you how not to live, and illustrate a path to redemption. Once you have mastered this, at the Buddhist temple, the highest level represented Nirvana, with beautiful views of the area and open space; a direct contrast to the tight cramped hallways of the wrong path. This church, Igreja E Convento Sao Francisco, was very similar, with this gold dipped interior representing a Heaven on Earth. So much so, that people requested to be buried within it.

  • Enough philosophy. Here’s something whimsical,


Eu adoro graffiti legal. Like, stuff like this makes my day twelve times over. Small things! Painting faces on fire hydrants is how I would do graffiti if I had heart!

  • I wonder what she’s thinking about…


Does she have saudade for a man who’s gone away, or is she thinking about the life she could have, an adventure that’s yet to take place?
  • I miss home, and I especially miss my family and friends and weather I could predict. I’m glad I did this though. It’s an experience that’s outta this… country, and it’s so different, but oh so similar. I feel at home here, and I keep reminding myself that this love for this place is ill-fated, we will be separated for miles soon… about four thousand to be near exact. But I will return. I have to.
  • I leave you with a photo of me, taken by a neighbor named Thiago.

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It’s alesha!!! You sound like a real blogger now…reading this makes me miss you…btw I found a perfect bike for myself. I was gonna send u a pic of it but I wasn’t sure if it would cost a ridiculous amount of money to send I didn’t . It’s a schwinn


Oooh, muito legal. And I miss you too. It’s strange being four thousand or so miles away, no? If you post the pic on fb I’ll see it, too.


I’m glad you are enjoying your trip and all but….I hope this thiago guy is sleeping in his own house, on his own bed…. And you need to start talking about the souvenir u gonna buy me lol… Jk K-tina enjoy your trip, and don’t worry about your sis, awesome_virg got oils for that 😉


First off, Black Voltaire??? smhSecondly, I thought about posting pictures of all the things I bought, making it a ‘guess what you’ve won’ kinda game, but I figured some folk would ultimately be disappointed!


Hi, Tina, this is my 3rd attempt at blogging, so I hope it works. Thanks for taking the pictures because they really proivide an idea of the culture experience in Brazil. It seems that you are having a great time and before you know it you will be boarding a plane and returning home, but you’ll have great memories of Brazil. The only thing you’re missing here is the heat wave, so keep enjoying yourself and taking lots of pictures, so we can see all the fun you’re really having. Love ya, Aunt Annette..


Obrigada, Auntie! And I’ll do my best with the pictures!

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