This is a not so good picture of a building in Pelourinho.

Pelourinho is the colonial, historic district in Bahia. It was the location of a Scavenger Hunt, or Ponto de Encontro, on the 27th of June. We split in groups of eight or nine, and traveled to different neighborhoods in Salvador. My group had the task of identifying four major churches in Pelourinho. It’s said that there are exactly 365 Catholic Churches in Bahia, one for each day of the year.
When we found one, we’d take a picture.

For me, however, as an amateur photographer, I find other things intriguing. I like taking poorly shot pictures of graffiti and murals,

and statues of Zumbi dos Palmares from far away!

Que pena! I don’t try to take bad pictures, but it happens. We’re going back to Pelo saturday, so I’ll try again. But here are my efforts at well known buildings, and lesser known areas.




Lacerda, an elevator that takes people from Cidade Alta to Cidade Baixa, and vice versa.


(I found Restaurante Van Gogh interesting because I couldn’t fathom what exactly they would sell there! Is it a themed restaurant with plates of food called ‘Starry Night’, or is it kitschy like ‘cut ear soup?’).
But that’s all for Pelo now, when I return Saturday, I’ll hopefully have better pictures and more to add. I’ll leave you with an artistic shot from the hip of the ocean through a gate.


And a mango flavored ice cream.

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