Excursions: Bloom Where You Are Planted

Graduate student burnout is real, and now that I’m in the thick of it, I don’t know how to get myself out. How do I bloom where I’m planted?

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

How I spend my summer vacation. I was too broke for much, but at least my dog had lots of adventures!

Imagining Otherwise While Reading

Next time you’re reading, imagine the protagonist as someone else. It’s not easy and requires effort, but it’s important!

The Fluent Summer

My summer plans are to practice languages, specifically with a Sci-Fi book club, featuring my Dad.

One Year Down, Many(?) More to Go

A reflection on my first year of my PhD program, coming back to the United States from Spain, and adjusting to a new chapter of my life. Happy new year!

Excursions: Defending the Social Sciences

I’m a social scientist. Here I defend the social sciences and their inclusion in STEM, while breaking down why science is exciting in all forms.

My Favorite Song: Magnólia by Jorge Ben Jor

Another entry in the favorite song series, this time we’re going to Brazil with Jorge Ben Jor on a golden ship to meet the one we love.

Many Years Naturalish

I can’t believe I’ve been natural for nearly two decades? Here’s a brief breakdown of that journey, and where my hair is now.

Excursions: My First Kiss, or, How I Really Confused a Boy I Liked

I write about my first kiss in a heavily redacted way. Now that I think about it, I can see why he never called me back.

The Dog I Needed – Meet Snooky

I’d like to say it was my life’s calling to be a dog mom. Growing up I wanted … Continue Reading